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Couples, Engagement, Proposal, or Just Because photoshoots starts at $250

Wedding & Elopement coverage starts at $400

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Let's do it! What's needed for booking?

That's awesome! All I would need from you is a deposit, which amounts to a percentage of your overall projected cost, and a signed contract, once the details are all worked out. Simply fill out a form with as much information that you can and I'll reach out to you and walk you through each step.

How many photographs do you deliver?

Every shoot is different and everyone has different needs so I don't like to promise a specific number. With that said, I don't hold back on how many photographs I deliver. This usually equates to roughly 60 - 90 photographs per solid hour.

What is shooting with you like?

For couples and family sessions, I typically don't put a time limit on the shoot. Instead of checking the clock,
I want you to just get lost in the moment and each other.
For larger weddings, I bring my teammate: my wife Shelby. we divide and conquer, meaning, I take my camera and go over here, and Shelby takes hers and goes over there. We are a team in life and we love that we can bring that to photography. We capture multiple angles of all the laughs, jokes, and every authentic expression.

What if we feel awkward in front of a camera?

To be honest, so am I... Unless you model professionally, or are an actor, or whatever, chances are this is a new experience for you. Or maybe this isn't the first time, but you just don't like looking down the open side of a lens. All I ask is for you to have an open mind, and to get lost in the moment with your other half. I'll take it from there and before you know it, you're laughing 'till the shoot is over.

will you photoshop us?

Short answer: No. I am here to capture you, as you are. I tend to perform basic touch ups, spot removals and maybe some color manipulation achieve a certain artistic look, but you'll always look as awesome as the day of the shoot.

what should we wear?

First and foremost - don't over think it! It all depends on the feel of the shoot that you are going for. Do you like warm and summery? A summer dress, paired with a hat, and a button up paired with nice pants may be best. Are you looking for a winter feel? Throw on some sweaters and look cozy!
For colors, neutrals are always a sure win and you can choose colors that best match the season. Just do your best to compliment each others outfit and if you are unsure, reach out and I can help!

If you are doing a stylized shoot, I'll walk you through every detail.

What if the weather sucks?

Sometimes, the universe decides there shall be rain on the day of your shoot. That might not be a bad thing though! We'll do what we can to go forward with everything but if it's just too cold, too windy or there's risk to anyone or equipment, I'll work with you to reschedule.

What about editing and delivery time?

Once the shoot is completed, all photographs go through culling and editing. I'll perform basic touch ups and edit all the selected photographs to be uniform to a specific style. A standard shoot will take about 2 week and a wedding, up to about 5 weeks.

will I get digital files and/or prints?

When your gallery is ready to go, I will email you with a direct link, where you can view, download and share with anyone you would like. From your gallery, you, or anyone you share with, can purchase prints, canvases, and so much more!

Why your store?

As a small business, it helps immensely whenever someone makes a purchase through my store. Not only that, but the products we offer are fulfilled by a professional printing service that prints with the upmost color accuracy, sharpness, and quality - the way the photograph is meant to be.